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W.T.H will be exhibiting at the following shows and dates in 2018. Come and visited us at anyone of these shows, we do have some very good hunts & hunting packages for the first time hunter to Africa, family and specialized hunts. We are looking forward to see you at the shows:

  • 4 – 7 January 2018  Dallas Safari Club  –  DALLAS
  • 18 – 21 January 2018  International Sportsmen Expo – SACRAMENTO
  • 26 – 28 January 2018  Worldwide Hunting Expo – HOUSTON SAFARI CLUB
  • 31 January 2018 – 03 February 2018  Safari Club International – LAS VEGAS
  • 8 – 11 February 2018  Western Hunting and Conservation Expo – SALT LAKE

Exciting news to all clients


Watts Trophy Hunting is proud to announce that it is merging its operations with that of Thandeka Safaris. The merger is believed to add a host of advantages to the services already offered by the two entities individually, to both its existing clients as well as potential future clients.

The merged entities will now offer the facilities for the hunter to live his / her passion whilst the rest of the family can enjoy the hospitality offered by the well-equipped and comfortable venue. Thandeka Safaris is situated in the Kalahari district of South Africa with its picturesque scenery and abundance of wildlife.

The main lodge is situated approximately 2.5 miles from the Botswana border, and offers the hunter access to some of the most pristine hunting areas in South Africa.

The merger will bring about the opportunity to henceforth experience the true African adventure with a good possibility of stalking into some members of the big 5 (Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard and Cheetah). All this at no additional cost and a value add to the normal plains game safari.

For more information regarding Thandeka Safaris click this link.

Hunting Greetings


Matthew Aldridge of Florence Alabama successfully hunted an a very beautiful big Tom leopard

Matthew Aldridge of Florence Alabama successfully hunted an a very beautiful big Tom leopard

Matthew Aldridge of Florence Alabama successfully hunted an  a very beautiful big Tom leopard and completed his quest for the  ”BIG SEVEN” Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, Hippo, Crocodile and Leopard in 2016.

Congratulations Matthew and well done, your hard work paid off and you deserve it. W.T.H  also want to say, THANK YOU to Randy & Matthew Aldridge and Family for your support, friendship and trust in W.T.H over all these years.

South Africa Withholds 2017 Leopard Hunting Permits

No leopard hunting will be possible in The Republic of South Africa (RSA) for 2017. That’s because South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has withheld the quota and no hunting licenses will be issued. The de facto closure is due to a recommendation by DEA’s scientific department, the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).

 SANBI believes South Africa’s leopard population is in decline but has not presented any research to support that conclusion. Another reason DEA gave to withhold the quota is that the North West Province failed to provide any of the required information for the DEA to make a nondetriment finding in their leopard offtake.

If you have already booked a leopard hunt for this year, be aware that your operator has no leopard permit for 2017 and will not receive one unless DEA’s decision is overturned.

If there is any questions or anything we can assist with please do not hesitate to contact us.

NB!!!   Watts Trophy Hunting still got leopard permits in some of our neighboring countries.

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> 5 - 8 January 2017 Dallas Safari Club - DALLAS
> 12 - 15 January 2017 International Sportsmen Expo - DENVER
> 19 - 22 January 2017 International Sportsmen Expo - SACRAMENTO
> 01 - 04 February 2017 Safari Club International - LAS VEGAS
> 16 - 19 February 2017 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo - SALT LAKE