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James Wagel 26 Aug 2017 – James Wagel Group


Entire Staff friendly and wanting to make our stay the best it could be.

Thank you for making nephews feel like adults & giving them the biggest smile possible.

The extra time & care to get us together for those pictures will not be forgotten.


James Wagel


Ryan Proctor Hunt Aug 2017 – James Wagel Group

FUN, I’m not the biggest hunter was my first time in Africa but is was very much FUN!!


Ryan Proctor

Jim & Ashley McEnroe Hunt 2017

Great Trip, We were on a small Cat Hunt took a beautiful Aardwolf & a Caracal.

Also staying in a beautiful beach house, Excellent accommodations for myself & wife Thanks Charl & Nelia. GREAT TRIP



The beach house in Port Alfred was an amazing honeymoon destination – totally beautiful ans luxurious. The

hunts went well and we had fun when we were not hunting. A perfect honeymoon for us both. Nelia was an incredible organizer of all the fine

details, plus she’s an amazing cook. We were always comfortable and there was no shortage of delicious food day or night.



Jon Thompson Leopard Hunt July 2017

The Leopard hunt went as I had planned,

with lots of driving and checking baits and sitting waiting for a Leopard.

Everyone put in lots of work and we were rewarded with everyone’s hard work.

Linden and his staff were great to work with and are very knowledgeable with leopard hunting.

I would suggest them to other hunters.

As always I will be back to Africa as soon as possible.

Jon Thompson

22 July 2017 – 8 August 2017


Jon Thompson

Skelley Family Hunt July 2017 – Ken


That is hard to say, Everything was a highlight. The hunt, The Food, The People, The get together, just everything was GREAT!!!

Thank Everyone you’ll made hunt a Great one.


Ken Corry


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